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Tips to Make Better Videos on Your Phone Making videos on your phone? Contact Mike for advice and an editing service to help you make better videos for your business. Tips to Make Better Videos on Your Phone Do you make your own business videos on your phone? Or perhaps you are thinking about it…


Casting for Short Corporate Video We need two actors, one male and one female, for a short corporate video.  The shoot will be a half day in late February or early March, and the location is Chertsey in Surrey.   Female Role Age range 25-45. You will play a secretary who will be seen sitting…

Content Marketing Content marketing, also known as content SEO, simply means creating content that will help your website to be found in Search for relevant terms or keywords. It’s not rocket science, but to do it well requires

How To Build Trust with Video Testimonial – A Case History Yes, you can build trust by using video! How can this be true? Read on and enjoy this example of how using our online video helped this business.

Make a Video Would you like to use web video to promote your business, but you’re put off because it seems too complicated or expensive? Then how about learning to make a video yourself and upload it to YouTube?   Video for Business Workshop 10th September at the Digital Work Hub, Walton-on-Thames This half-day course… will be at the Kingston Business Expo to video the event for Kingston Chamber of Commerce. This will include talking to exhibitors and getting their comments on the Expo, asking why they are there and what they think of it. If you are exhibiting at this year’s Kingston Business Expo


Social Media for Business How do you make social media work for your business?  David Endersby started TW18 Business Media because he knew that many business owners are uncertain how to use social media to best advantage.  Should they use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and

  CSR Video   CSR – What is Corporate Social Responsibility? CSR, or Corporate Responsibility, is where your business gives something back to the world. You do something for a good cause rather than just for business reasons. Ideally of course, you will want your CSR program to