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CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

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CSR Video


CSR – What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

CSR, or Corporate Responsibility, is where your business gives something back to the world. You do something for a good cause rather than just for business reasons. Ideally of course, you will want your CSR program to combine both good deeds and business benefits.

Maybe the good cause you choose will be in a far away country, but it can just as easily be something closer to home. It’s a sad fact that there are poor and deprived people in most parts of the world. You may find a project or appeal in your local community that really deserves the support of your CSR programme.

Why have a CSR Programme?

  • It’s good for the world
  • It’s good for team building and staff morale
  • It can generate great publicity

So corporate social responsibility can really be a win/win/win.

It’s also a nice touch if you can tailor your CSR project to connect with your industry or specialisation. Maybe you are a computer company and you can supply re-conditioned PC’s to an under-funded school. Are you a publisher? How about teaching kids to read. You get the idea.

Don’t forget the PR for your CSR

When you and your company have helped to make the world a better place you will probably have a nice warm feeling. Remember to share it. You have to tell people what you’ve done, and the best way is to show them a video. Make sure to get someone to shoot lots of video footage throughout the CSR programme. A short, well edited video can go on your website, be emailed to customers, sent out with press releases and shared on social media to enhance your corporate image and show the world what you have achieved.

It will remind you too.


CSR Video

This article was written by mike-D