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Kingston Business Expo | Exhibitor Only Charity Video Package

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Kingston Business Expo 2016 Video Offer for Exhibitors will be at the Kingston Business Expo to video the event for Kingston Chamber of Commerce. This will include talking to exhibitors and getting their comments on the Expo, asking why they are there and what they think of it.

If you are exhibiting at this year’s Kingston Business Expo you have put lots of time and effort into your Expo stand, so here is your chance to show it to the world. We are pleased to offer you an opportunity to tell us more about your business, and use the video for your website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social media you use. Video is a great way to get your message across and is the most “share-able” kind of web content for social media, meaning you could reach more people.


Shooting an Exhibitor Video at Kingston Business Expo

The video will be great for your companiy’s presence on the web, and you can help locel charities too, because for each package booked we will donate £25 to the local charity appeal Love Kingston. Follow the link to find out more about how Love Kingston supports local good causes.

Here’s an example of a video we made at a previous Kingston Business Expo:

Business Expo Exhibitor Video Package

This special Business Expo Exhibitor package is available to exhibitors only for the bargain price of only £145 and includes:

  • Your interview professionally edited
  • A £25 donation to local charity appeal Love Kingston
  • Titles
  • Library Music
  • Help with YouTube optimisation if required

The video will be “packaged” to help you get your message across, including your contact information at the end, and your logo (as available). It will be supplied ready to embed on your website, post on your blog and social media channels.

This package must be pre-booked and is strictly for exhibitors only.

To take advantage of this offer contact now. You can use the form below to make payment.


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