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Fashion Video at London Fashion Week

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Fashion video shot backstage at London Fashion Week

Fashion Video

Fashion video shoots like fashion itself can be great fun, hard work, and quite often both. One of my favourite fashion contacts who I regularly work with is stylist and fashion blogger Racquel Stewart. We usually shoot Street Style, a vox pop feature where we interview people on the streets of London and ask them about the clothes they’re wearing.  Our Street Style senses go into over-drive twice a year for London Fashion Week when there is an abundance of super-stylish people milling around just waiting to be interviewed. Our LFW fashion video shoots often feature a mix of successful designers as well as design students, fashionistas and anyone who delights in turning a few heads. To see examples of Street Style go to the video gallery here on this site and click Fashion, or see Racquel’s blog follow these links:

I like to make other types of fashion video too. Sometimes it might be a catwalk show, commercial, or as in this case, a documentary style peek backstage at designer Ashley Isham’s LFW catwalk show. It was great to take a look behind the scenes and meet the army of make-up artists, hair stylists and models who work so hard to make sure everything is perfect for the show.

We were even lucky enough to catch a couple of minutes with Ashley Isham himself.  He said he felt stressed but as you can see in the video he seemed cool and calm during the interview.  Even so, the atmosphere in the room  was becoming steadily more intense as show time drew closer.

fashion video



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