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Web Video – Planning

Web video is a powerful marketing tool and can be fun too, but to begin with it needs to be treated like any other piece of marketing you do. Before deciding what will appear on the screen we need to ask you two important questions:

  • Who will watch your web video?
  • What do you want them to do when they’ve watched it?

There are many other important things to be considered when planning your video strategy. By discussing why you are using web video and what you want to achieve we can help you come up with the best plan for success.

Part of your web video strategy should be about how you will get people to watch your video. For example people often say that YouTube is the second biggest search engine. Whilst this is true, so what? Just uploading a video to YouTube does not guarantee that millions of people will watch it. We can help you devise a strategy for publishing and promoting your video to the widest audience.

Before we make your video we need you to answer a few important questions, for example:

  • Who will watch your video?
  • What do you want them to do?
  • How will you get them to watch it?
  • What should the video say about you?
  • How will the video fit in with your marketing strategy?
  • What about brand guidelines or brand image requirements?

You see, your video content is just like any other part of your marketing strategy. It should be there to do a particular job for you, and work as an integrated part of everything else that you do.

Once we know what you need and how we’re going to achieve it we can work with you to agree a plan for the actual shoot.  Like making any film or TV programme we need to plan where to shoot your web video and when, who are the people who need to be there, what equipment is required and so on. If the video is to be shot at your premises we will agree a suitable time with you and an estimate of how long it will take.

Web Video – Shooting

On the day of your shoot the plan (as above) swings into action.  If we are shooting at your place of business then we aim to minimise the disruption for your staff and customers.  As well as the time taken to shoot the video we will have allowed time at the beginning and the end to set up equipment and pack it away again.

Our friendly crew will know what to do, and if you are appearing in the video we will coax you through and help you to enjoy the experience.


Web Video – Post-production and Delivery

Once the shoot is finished, you can relax while for us the work is only just beginning.  Your web video will be carefully edited and things like music & effects, titles and graphics will be added as appropriate.  This is skilled and painstaking work and will usually take much longer than shooting the material.

When the edit is finished we will send you a video file (or a link to one) for your approval.  Please watch this at least twice, and ideally several times.  Think of it as a “first draft” which may need some slight changes before final delivery.  If any changes are needed, this is when you let us know.  We can then make the changes and deliver the final version of your web video, ready for you to add to your website, blog, social media or marketing campaign.