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Media Services

Video production is a very collaborative business. We often work with other specialist media services professionals, consultants and agencies in related areas of media like:

  • Photography
  • Digital marketing
  • Advertising
  • PR
  • Web design
  • Media communications
  • Copy writing
  • Media Buying

Media Services Professionals


In some ways photography is similar to video, but there are important differences making the two distinct and separate professions. We work with a lot of photographers and know that some are great at portraits, some excel at events, others are experts at photographing food or products. Tell us what your project needs and we will do our best to recommend the right photographer for the job.

Digital marketing

Video plays an integral part in many digital marketing campaigns so we often work with agencies and consultants in this important area. We might just know who understands your market and your budget.


Above the line advertising can include anything from television commercials to posters, and local press to cinema. We have worked with a number of agencies and consultants. Tell us what kind of help you’re looking for and we can probably put you in touch witht he right people.


Video can also play a key role in several aspects of PR because it’s the best way to get information across quickly and clearly online. One agency we’ve worked with is Carol Miller Media. Based close to London Carol Miller works with local, national and international clients to help them raise awareness, and build a trusted position with an audience. To find out more about Carol Miller Media take a look at this website  Carol Miller Media PR Surrey

Web design

Your website is a shop window for your business, and often the home of our video work. Does your website need an update, or a complete redesign? Perhaps you want a WordPress site or a fully functional online store. We recommend Web Graphics who can help with all those things and more. See their web site Web Graphics

Media communications

Getting the right publicity is not a matter of luck. If you want the media to say nice things about you you need someone with the skills and contacts to ensure the right coverage. Once again we suggest a look at Carol Miller Media’s website Carol Miller Media PR Surrey

Copy writing

Although video is the fastest way to get your message across online, you also need the right words on the page. Some people prefer to read so you need copy that will engage effectively, captivating your audience and communicating the right information. We know several copy writers who we could recommend.


Even in this electronic age there are all sorts of reasons we use print. We have our business cards, flyers, banners and all other printed materials made by Printinc because they do a great job. They also give a great service. Their motto is “If you can think it, we can ink it” and they live up to it. Here’s their website Printinc and just so you know, their printing is much better than their website!

Media Buying

If you buy advertising space or airtime regularly you might have an idea of the going rates. If not, you need to use a specialist media buyer who is constantly involved in the dynamic and ever-changing marketplace. Otherwise you could waste a lot of money very quickly. Our media buying contact can help you buy anything form a TV advertising campaign to a ten-double in the local paper. Contact us for details of our media buying partner.

Please note:  We have many contacts who we feel are good and reliable professionals. Whilst we might recommend them above or in other communications, we accept no responsibility for any business or agreement you make with them.